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Effective leaders are good communicators.

There is an inherent link between Leadership and Communications. Effective leaders are good communicators. They inspire others to act through their words, and through their deeds. We believe that mentoring and cultivating great leaders are a must. So, when the Zorig Foundation asked us to partner with them to deliver professional media and spokesperson training to three Leadership Programs targeting youth, women and environmentalists, we didn’t think twice.

For the first time, we are thrilled to partner with Ms. Oyun and the stellar Zorig Foundation team to cultivate the next generation of leaders!


The Art of Public Speaking seminar in 2015 at the Munkhchuluun Foundation

Speaking seminar in 2015 at the Munkhchuluun Foundation
The Art of public speaking seminar took place at the main office of Munkhchuluun Foundation. We have started at 9:30 am and it continued for approximately 4 hours. We have invited Betina Moreira Infante who’s the Founder and Managing Director of Breakthrough PR and also William Stewart Foerderer Infante who's the President of Breakthrough Communications.‬ ‬Their lectures were mostly about communication as well as how to interact well with the camera. Our participants loved the real challenge with Live Interviews etc.


Zorig Foundation

Breakthrough Communications is official partner of Zorig Foundation. We have conducted media / spokesperson training for YLP 2015 participants on Oct 31, 2015. The aim of the training was to help young professionals to become effective and powerful public speakers. Mrs. Betina Moreira Infante, Managing Director of Breakthrough Communications, opened the training by “Preparation and Message Development Methods” session. Participants had a chance to do on-camera practice with Mr. William Infante, President of Breakthrough PR. We were inspired and proud of YLP participants' eagerness and enthusiasm.

Young Woman's Leadership Program 2016 Media Training


Young Leadership Program 2016 Media Training

Thank you Zorig Foundation team for your feedback!

“On behalf of our program participants, we extend our thanks to you for offering a great training on Saturday. We're so grateful for your contribution and I'm confident that our young leaders acquired another skill that will be useful for them in the future,” - Maralmaa Munkh-Achit, Programs Coordinator, Zorig Foundation.

The participants of the Young Leadership Program


Lean In Training Workshop

Lean In Training Workshop


Women play a vital role in Mongolia’s economy, and Breakthrough Communications was delighted to provide pro bono presentation training to the Lean In Mongolia chapter with Communications Manager, Grace Brown, who has years of on-air TV experience.


The theme of the workshop – ‘Presenting to Persuade’ – focused on how to achieve two seemingly conflicting ingredients to succeed in swaying others: power and likeability.  It is essential to be powerful enough to earn respect, but likeable enough to gain others’ trust.


We taught young female professionals and entrepreneurs strategies to achieve hone their communications and persuasion skills, through story-sharing, mock interviews, negotiation, interview and presentation training, dispute resolution, handshakes, body language and voice coaching.


The training equips young professionals with greater communications skills to advance their careers.