Our Offer

Corporate Communications

Breaking the Mold


Breakthrough Communications is Mongolia’s first fully integrated communications agency – an industry leader developing and implementing innovative and unique communications solutions – We understand that one size fits all strategies don’t work.

Communications serve a purpose, and every piece of communication needs to resonate. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a media release or a branded pen, they all say something about your company or product.

We build strategies based on our clients’ ambitions, and we craft campaigns that achieve ambitions.

We work in collaboration, not in isolation, with a diverse array of clients operating in a spectrum of sectors. Each has very specific requirements – and we develop ideas, content and communications that tackle business issues and drive respect and recognition.

Government Relations

External Affairs

We establish and manage a constructive relationship between our clients, and the people on whom their success depends. Insight into issues shaping and impacting your organization is at the heart of our practice – and it’s insight that enables us to help our clients navigate and manage complex, local situations. We map the influencers in politics, business, media and other spheres who shape opinion, and engage them to manage and mitigate issues.


Your reputation is critical to your success - We work with clients to build their reputations both among policymakers and among key influential communities to position for success.

Internal Communications

We build employee engagement to drive productivity. We help employers manage change and connect with employees. Strong bonds can be built through meaningful communications, and we develop the strategies and tools that help our clients define their corporate identity and communicate purpose and goals broadly through their organizations. We bridge the gap between Marketing and HR teams, understanding the importance of key elements that go into creating memorable communication – a strong brand, creativity and powerful story telling.

Crisis Management

Even the best planning can’t prevent crisis. But being prepared ensures that responses are timely, appropriate and effective. We help protect clients’ reputations when crises strike. We develop proactive crisis communications plans - we monitor media content and tone, and facilitate influencer and media engagement in order to preserve and protect goodwill, and contain reputational risk and damage.

Public Relations

We’re in the business of building relationships that help our clients achieve their ambitions. According to Christopher Graves, Chairman of Ogilvy PR: When successful, those relationships allow us to engage others with purpose and respect, to share, educate, inform and entertain.

Developing clear, crisp narrative is at the heart of what we do. We influence thought and opinion through stories conveyed on multi-media and also via editorials, advertorials, interviews and press events.

Breakthrough creates timely, audience-appropriate content for outreach, using traditional and social/digital media to amplify brand favorability and reputation, and build relationships.

Corporate PR

Consumer PR

Media Training

What we say is only a small part of delivering a memorable story. How we say it, what we wear and our body language all contribute to our overall impact.

We offer media training and coaching to VIPs, executives and professionals who seek to make a meaningful impact. Our seasoned PR experts exercise best practice and train on the simple techniques that help you deliver clear and memorable points. Our training prepares our clients to handle any speaking engagement, formal or informal, on-camera or off, and it helps reduce the possibility of being misquoted.

Social Media

Social media means more than counting Facebook likes – It’s also more than just platforms, technology and community management. It’s a conversation - a dialogue – a revolution. It’s a way to delight, influence and engage your customers – a way to advocate and activate - and it’s fast! It’s the ecosystem within which today’s brands live and grow.


Breakthrough optimizes social media presence by helping clients to inspire and take part in conversation with a purpose. We create content that builds awareness, educates, entertains and influences, and which establishes lasting connections. We help you to build purpose and value around your brand within the social ecosystem.


Our social strategies deliver because we set aggressive KPIs keeping an eagle-eye on our metrics – Data drives what we do.


Digital Apps

Mobile, social and web applications provide infinite opportunities for your customers to engage with your brand in new and creative ways.


We create amazing apps across different platforms - our digital team handles every step from app design, content creation and development, through to the submission the process and introduction. We analyze target markets and design mobile strategies that capitalize on the best platforms and content for maximum impact. 

Marketing Communications

Breakthrough builds brands, augments customer awareness, accentuates reach and excites engagement to generate sales, market-share and value. We provide marketing communications that tie advertising with positive publicity, brand recognition and reputation management to build corporate and brand image.

We bring brand positioning to life, and make sure that we help clients deliver on their brand promise. 



Branding is about relationship-building -- and this requires a lot of localized cultural knowledge. To compete today, your brand must offer ideas and a purpose that move people. At Breakthrough, we strive to build and communicate brand purpose. We craft smart activation online and offline that amplify brand purpose by developing content that has resonance.

We know this market, and we’ve helped to successfully launch new companies and to reposition old. We inspire top-of mind recognition and shape consumer sentiment. We deliver the brand strategies that communicate your brand’s higher purpose. 

Creative work


Everyone loves a good get-together, and we love creating events that sparkle. We conceive, conceptualize and create memorable events that anchor your image, identity and message. We bring creativity and flair that distinguish clients as discretely, or flamboyantly, as they want. We design events to support your strategic goals and reflect your brand.

We like to wrap our arms around an event – we offer everything from concept development to staging and logistics - plus everything in between – including - media and participant relations, arranging venues, catering and entertainment, video and photography.

Our wide-ranging events include experiential launch parties, live concerts, conferences, award ceremonies, seminars, workshops and live broadcast productions - we make sure that your event is distinctive and memorable and we drive for maximum exposure and maximum turnout.